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Kitchen Assembly and Cabinet Installation

Certified Assembly can help you with your kitchen assembly in many different ways:

  • Assemble cabinets and prepare them for installation
  • Provide full cabinet installation services
  • Completely assemble and install all new kitchen pieces and cabinets

Our kitchen installation experts are ready to start from scratch, take care of a remodel project, or even help break down your current kitchen.

Check out the work we did on a recent remodel project in the Baker neighborhood in Denver. Our team assembled and installed all of the kitchen cabinets and appliances.

Certified Assembly can help with your Ikea kitchen install in Denver
Let Certified Assembly work on your kitchen remodel or new installation projects.

If you have kitchen cabinets that need to be assembled, or an entire Ikea kitchen that needs to be installed in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, or the surrounding areas, our certified technicians will provide professional and timely services to complete a job of any scale.

Call us at 720-626-8584 today to talk about your kitchen and for a free quote.